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Y5&6 Sports Hall Athletics (Nov 2014)

This autumn term, Y5&6 pupils started to run an athletics club to improve our skills. On 27th November, a small group went to the Sportshall Athletics Competition held at Appleby Grammar School. At the tournament, we took part in several events - the 4x1 relay, the obstacle relay, the chest push and the javelin.

Harrison said, “The 4 X 1 relay was my favourite because it was exciting and it was the race that I enjoyed the most. It really was one of the best tournaments I have been to. I would say that the whole team deserved success as they certainly gave it their all”.

Abbie B summed it up: “Each athlete performed and scored individually in two track events and two field events. The scores were then collated to give a team result. Our school came a good 3rd out of ten”.

“It was really exciting and fun and the whole team did well,” said Robi Y6.