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Y5&6 Beekeeping Day (Sept 2012)

Year 5 and 6 entertained guests at the end of September with wide range of artistic talent. The theme was 'Bees.' Two weeks before the entertainment afternoon Year 5 and 6 worked with members of the Bee Keeping association: Dr Margaret Riches, Professor Galloway, Mrs Clucas and Mr Willis. A very varied day of interactive activities ensured that the children were very knowledgeable and empathetic to bees by the end of the day!


Activities included: investigating a hive and a live colony of bees, honey tasting, investigating bees preference of yellow, white and purple flowers and wax candle making. The children learned of the demise of the bee and how environmental factors including cold weather have meant that many plants had not been pollinated this year. The medicinal effects of honey were also discussed.

A creative theme of 'Save Our Bees' was developed by groups of children, working hard to develop their own individual projects to prepare to entertain a wide ranging audience. “Bees are the Champions”, a song was written within school to begin the assembly. It was followed by dancing, drama, bee facts, bee jokes and instructions on how to make products from honey. An excellent afternoon of entertainment was had by all!!



Drama included events at the hive, as well as bee facts. This really put the decline into perspective and made the children more determined to develop planting and gardens that are bee friendly. We all learned something new - did you know a bee will see a red flower as black? Guests came from far and wide and included parents, carers, members of the bee association and local councillors. Everyone stayed behind afterwards for a cup of tea and enjoyed a honey biscuit!