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Y5 Edington Centre Dragon Fly Olympic Project (Summer 2012)

Adults from the Edington and children from North Lakes collaborated creatively on an Olympic themed dance facilitated by  Andy Booth from the Dragon Fly theatre company. All participants have embraced the Paralympic and Olympic avalues of inspiration, determination, courage, equality, friendship, respect and excellence.
The dance tells a story of a boy dreaming he can beat Usain Bolt. It starts with the opening ceremony and the Olympic torch being lit. It closes with the medals and a celebration. Year 5 and 6 supported the production singing 'Let My Feet Have Wings,' and 'Sing.' This collaborative project was presented to parents, carers and a wider audience on Tuesday 17th July.
Several of the Olympic adults dancers are former pupils of North Lakes and were delighted to be back in the old school environment. Positive, mutually supportive relationships were built as the project evolved, with the children and adults nurturing each other's individual talents. Hidden qualities within both adults and children have emerged as all participants have encouraged and supported each other along the way.


Embedded within our school is the principle of inclusivity and all our pupils reaching their full potential. North Lakes has been very proud of their Year 5 pupils as they have treated the Edington centre adults with great respect offering their encouragement and friendship, making suggestions so that their adult friends could make a greater contribution to the dance. Some of our Year 5s have had to sensitively remind adults where to stand, what lines to say or even guide them into position. It has been done with the utmost consideration and care. Some of the Edington Centre adults have kept us on our toes with their abundance of artistic talent!!

During our 4 week collaboration the rehearsals have been full of fun, laughter, good humour and a determination to make this project a success. Year 5 have looked forward to every Tuesday and know most of the adults by name. During the Olympic torch procession one of our Olympian adults was opposite our school and waved and shouted as he recognised us!! North Lakes and the Edington Centre hope that this collaborative adventure is just the start of things to come. Well done Year 5!