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Y5-6 Danny Rurlander Visit (Jul 2022)

This term, all three Year 5 and 6 classes have been reading the action-packed novel, Spylark, daily as part of our English curriculum. We have been gripped by the twists and turns of the plot and have  enjoyed the fact that it is set in the Lake District, linking perfectly with our Geography topic.  On Friday 8th July we were delighted to be visited by the author himself who shared his inspirations for the book’s plot and characters, showed us his own drone which is a key part of the tale and talked to us all about what makes a great story.


As flight is such an important part of Spylark, Danny picked four children to take part in a paper plane competition. They did a great job with their planes but none could fly as far and as smoothly as Danny’s – he has shared the perfect paper plane design with us so we can make our own just like him. Many of our children purchased their own copies of Spylark which Danny was more than happy to sign for them. A visit from a  real-life author of a book we have enjoyed so much – what a treat!