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Y5 100 Little Pennies Project

Year 5 – 100 pennies project
Year 5 have been participating in a business and enterprise project based around running their own businesses. The had to create their own company, design a logo and slogan, create an advert, create a website or leaflet to sell their ideas, make a product of their choice and sell it to the school. The children have really engaged with the project and have had fun as well as experiencing the realities of running a business.
This was a unique experience and involved working with Business entrepreneurs, Year 8 business mentors and UCC, as well as mixing with other Year 5 children from Stainton and Yanwath.
The Year 5 parents have been invited to attend an open evening on Thursday 27th January at UCC, beginning at 5pm where the children, as well as children from 2 other schools will sell their products and pitch their ideas to the public. Tickets cost £1 on the door and all parents who wish to support the school are welcome to attend. We hope to see as many people as possible there to help to make the children’s businesses a success.
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100 Little Pennies Project Film

100 Little Pennies is a project for young people. Using drama, games and business enterprise the group create new businesses over a two week period and come together for a final performance and sell their goods to friends and family.