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Y4 Fellside Residential (Summer 2012)

Year 4 enjoyed a very good two day stay at Fellside in April, despite some wet and cold weather. Children were tried and tested with some exciting activities including ghyll scrambling, archery, canoe rafting and rock climbing.
The ghyll scramble up Hay Gill was a lot of fun and everyone was drenched by the time they had waded the many pools and climbed the waterfalls, but the children showed great teamwork and support for one another.
It was a first taste of archery for many and there were some real talents uncovered, including Shannon, Nathan, Ella and Ben.All joined in well with the rock climbing showing courage and determination, as well as great support for one another once again.
The weather on Bassenthwaite Lake was too windy for kayaking but we had a lot of fun canoe rafting, playing games and, of course, getting very wet!
This was one of the best trips we have taken away: the children were so encouraging to one another, they got on so well and were so resilient on their activities. Well done, Year 4!