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Y3 Outdoor Day (Summer 2011)

On Monday 4 July Year 3 enjoyed a wonderful outdoor day based around Hawse End centre and Derwent Water. In brilliant sunshine the children enjoyed taking a risk and trying some new challenges, with rock climbing, kayaking and canoeing activities.



The children received instruction and supervision from the excellent Cumbria Outdoors team. They walked to Upper Shepherds’ Crag, in the woods high above Derwent Water where they were challenged to the limit learning safe climbing, belaying and abseiling. There were tears, shouts of joy, encouragement and much laughter and EVERYONE succeeded in having a real go at the challenge.



Down at Hawse End Centre, the children enjoyed a tasty picnic and took to the lake in canoes and kayaks, and they learned quickly to control these difficult craft. Many children enjoyed the chance to capsize on purpose, and on such a hot day it was a pleasure to make sure everyone was thoroughly wet!