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Y3 Outdoor Day (July 2015)

On Monday 29th June, 2015 all of the Year 3s from Coniston and Windermere class went on a pleasurable outdoor day to Hawse End and Upper Shepherds Crag.


At 8 am we all came to school with all of our equipment ready for the jam packed day! We were split into 3 groups; Badgers, Hedgehogs and Squirrels. I was in the Badgers and in my group there were myself, Mason, Logan, Amy F, Amy V, Emily, Matthew C and Kayden.


After a final head count we were on the bumpy journey to Shepherds Crag. When we arrived, we had to walk down a steep path to meet the Squirrels and I had to carry 10 heavy harnesses as well as helping my friends because they kept on falling over and over again!


Finally we arrived at the Crag, Jim (our leader) told us how to get our harnesses on and our helmet on. Then Lilly got to demonstrate how to climb, after that we split off into 3 groups. I got to be a bell ringer (belayer) first, which is somebody who sits at the bottom of the climb and held onto the rope to make sure that the climber doesn’t fall. I managed to get to the top and so did Mason and Emily S. It was exciting being so high up, but scary trying to get down! Then we looked at the clock and saw that it was nearly lunch time and then we headed back to the bus.


After a healthy packed lunch, we scrambled into our purple wetsuits and squeezed into our lifejackets and then within seconds we were floating on the water like ducks! I never fell off my kayak and I had to rescue Katie W because she had lost her paddle! After a hard day’s work we were allowed to have a 5 minutes splash off and Katie W dunked me under the water. I had a fab day and I recommend this trip to EVERYONE!                                                                    By Katie G