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Y3 Outdoor Day @ Hawse End (July 2012)

Year 3 had a wonderful, exciting time at Hawse End - this is what they thought about it:

I enjoyed rock climbing and I 
got right to the top, it was scary!
Alex F

I was scared when we went canoeing because it was my first time in a 
boat but when I got in I enjoyed it. 
Tia J

My favourite moment at Hawse End was 
going in a kayak and not falling out!
Abbie B



I liked the kayaking and canoeing because we 
got to mess about in the canoe and fall out!
Callie B

The thing I enjoyed the most at Hawse End was kayaking
because I learnt a new skill.
Hannah E

I liked the rock climbing because I climbed half way and it 
was a hard task for me.
Kieran D