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World Book Day & Reading for Pleasure (March 2013)

What a fantastic day!! Action packed!! 

The day started with Andrea from Wordsworth Bookshop who came into our assembly with her arms full of books, there was a book for everyone in exchange for our £1.00 vouchers. Andrea and her husband John then set up a book fair, we exchanged our vouchers and made a book wish!! 

Our friends at Wordsworth Bookshop are just great and love it when children from North Lakes drop in, there is nothing quite like it!! It is cosy, full of the latest books, and it is a great snuggly place for a good read!!

Children in Years 5 and 6 worked upon their story trails, (the week before they had visited Lowther Castle and participated on Pip's story trail). Years 3 and 4 joined in the fun too, they went to Lowther the next day! 

Our parents and grandparents joined us for lunch and read with us, we have some lovely photographs!! 

Some of our children participated in a song writing workshop with Jilly Jarman and Sarah, we worked hard writing, practicing, reflecting, conferring... We had to really use our 5 R’s: our Relationships were important, we had to work together, be Resourceful, take a Risk - try something new and see it through to the end! We performed our song on National Sing Up Day the next week....!


  • Macy ( Year 5) " I loved looking around the bookshop. I am going to visit Wordsworth bookshop.”
  • Laura (Year 6) " I love World Book Day, it is an opportunity to experience new books and explore reading."
  • Tom (Year 6) " I loved reading my new book by Tom Gates."
  • Taylor (Year 5) " I loved all the books in school."
  • Declan (Year 5) " I loved my books, Tony Robinson's The Best Inventions, Tom Gates 'The Best World Book Day so Far. The icing on the cake was my Nan coming for lunch and the cup of tea afterwards.'
  • James (Year 5) " It was so hard to choose from all the amazing books, Although in end I got two—I used puppy dog eyes on my Mum!!"
"On World Book Day we had a special visit from Wordsworth Bookshop. Andrea brought lots of books for £1 and we had time to visit the bookshop through the day.  At lunchtime we had a special dinner to celebrate. We invited our parents, grandparents and friends for dinner, and then to read with us after dinner. It was really fun having my mum in my class when we were reading, she listened to me and my friends read. Some children from Elterwater also came and shared some e-books with us on the computer, this was really fun."  Callie B