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World Book Day (March 2014)

Book Worms of North Lakes write a ‘Message in a Book.’


The children and staff of North Lakes School, as usual, celebrated World Book Day by enjoying books, but we also took the opportunity to donate favourite books as a way of raising money for Oxfam in Penrith.

Enthusiastic North Lakes pupils were keen to donate a book to the Oxfam campaign ‘Message in a Book’, and they were all in fabulous condition. Each pupil brought in a favourite book that had given them a great deal of pleasure! Some children were able to bring in more than one book.


Celebrating reading is always top of the agenda at North Lakes! Our guest speakers were Oxfam volunteers and Andrea from Wordsworth Bookshop. We watched informative videos about the various projects Oxfam have developed around the world. Andrea, an avid lover of books herself, introduced the World Book Day reads.


Andrea and her Mum, Maureen, spent the morning with us running a book fair with an array of wonderful books. There was an affordable book for everyone and pupils were able to exchange their ‘World Book Day’ vouchers. The fantastic books from Wordsworth Bookshop are always popular, the children also look forward to our Monday morning reads provided by Andrea and her husband Jon each week. We are a book hooked school!

Parents were invited to a special book day lunch and then stayed to share a book with their child. Our children are enjoying an  eBook project, ‘Read for My School’, so many parents enjoyed one of these!

During the day the children wrote a message for the next reader of their favourite book. They thought about the reasons why the book had given them so much pleasure. In total, the children brought in 236 books. Oxfam were delighted to receive the donated books during an assembly on Monday 24th March.

North Lakes pupils were pleased to help Oxfam and hopefully their donations will raise some money to help with Oxfam’s many projects. As usual, they were even more pleased to share their love of reading! So, if you need a good read, get on down to Oxfam in Penrith!