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What our Class means to us!

What our class means to us……
  • I like Elterwater, the displays are great, the resources are super and the helpful teachers. A
  • I like my classmates and my teacher and that everyone in my class is kind and friendly. There are good things to learn. We work hard!   Chloe V
  • All the people in my class are kind and friendly. If you need any help, my teacher is always happy to do so…. Molly
  • I like it in Elterwater that everyone is reflective and looks back on their work and improves it.   Megan
  • In Elterwater we all work hard, we think outside the box. Jordan B
  • My best friend Tia is in Elterwater. Lauren W
  • In Elterwater we start with ‘What we know.” Anna Leigh
  • So far I’m enjoying being here. I’m really glad I came I’m still a bit like ‘ Where is everything?’ I like how everything is very organised. ( Amber on her first day….)
  • It is a great learning area with lessons which are exciting. Everything you need is here, even a smart board. It is a colourful, bright classroom.  Luke Br.
  • In Elterwater it is fun, I have lots of friends. Scott Waites.
  • I like all the posters, all the reading books and all of the people in the class. Bradley
  • Elterwater is a kind, happy place. We have good spirits and work very hard. We are all happy chappies, we have lively personalities. Friendly people. Ellena T.
  • I am with all my friends.   John McC
  • All the people are kind and friendly.   Tyler S
  • I like Elterwater because the teachers help me if I need it and set work at everyone’s levels, they include everybody and all the other children are very keen to help you if you need something. Meredith M
  • I like Elterwater because the teachers are kind and always keep a cool head, if you’re stuck they will help you.   Jack E.
  • In Elterwater all of our work is on the walls. We are all friends together. Amelia.
  • Elterwater is a lovely class to be in because we get looked after if we are sad. Leanne.
  • Elterwater is a lovely class because we look after people and work hard. Katie S.
  • In Elterwater I like the fact that as long as you try your best if you get it wrong it doesn’t matter. The main thing is that you took a risk and had a go! Jay RS.
  • I am with all my friends, try hard all the time and expected to work to my best standard. I like this about Elterwater. I like the view from the classroom. Abi M
  • Year 6 standard is very common is my classroom. I like it that everyone works hard. We’re always resourceful.   Sophia P.
  • I like Elterwater. Together we take risks. Liam S.
  • I like Elterwater . We learn lots of things. Jake D
  • I like it that everyone is friendly. Max M
  • Elterwater is just cool! Aaron S
  • I love Elterwater. It is friendly and busy. I enjoy using the computer! –Ellie