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War & Peace - 1911 Census (Summer 2011)

As part of our War and Peace project, we went to Castle Park and looked carefully at 3 War Memorials. They are the ‘Black Angel’ and the World War 1 and 2 memorials in the archway to Castle Park.
We read and recorded information about soldiers from Penrith killed during the 1914 –18 war. We followed this by looking for these individuals on the 1911 Census.
The Census details provided us with details of their lives before they went to war, information about their families and where they lived. It brought a tear to our eyes as many were such young men, and still at school at the time of the census.
We imagined what their lives would have been like and wrote an autobiography about them. We then found photographs of the cemeteries where many had been buried.
The Census 1911 is free to schools until the end of July. The two websites are: