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Ullswater Class - Deekabout in Matterdale (Summer 2010)

As part of the Creative Partnership project, Ullswater class went to Matterdale and Borrowdale in May. Adam Clark, a multimedia artist, came to school and on the trips to work on our Deekabout project with us. Deekabout is Cumbrian dialect for ‘looking around’.
On Monday we went to Matterdale, just half an hour away from North Lakes School on the bus. When we arrived there, we unpacked the equipment we had brought with us on the bus. When we were ready, we started to walk up the big hill. It was very tiring. When we had got to our destination, we put our bags in the Victorian hall of the old school.
Then we walked up to the other, newer school at the top of the hill. Some of the boys and girls were saying that they saw things in the windows, so everybody thought it was haunted. After we all had looked around, we sat down on the floor or the wall and Adam talked to us about what we were going to do. We were going to look around the area and Adam gave us a map and a sketchbook. We took bags, cameras and worksheets as well. We saw lots of interesting stuff like some baby cows (calves), a path that led through so you do not have to go onto the road. We took photographs and samples from the area to investigate when we got back to our own school.
 At the end of the day, we made a journey stick with all the objects we had found hung together to make a display. The shape of the sticks we used showed which way we had travelled. The finished stick was fascinating!
Chloe & Lewis
Summer 2010