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UCC Y5 Science Day (June 2011)

Year 5 enjoyed a science workshop morning at Ullswater Community College. During the session we built towers to save our one last cup of water from a monster. What a challenge this was!!
This wasn’t straight forward as the tower had to be able to hold a specific amount of water. Many of us saw our towers crumble! We thoroughly enjoyed our morning, particularly as we worked in science labs.
Lewis O Y5
When Year 5’s went to UCC to a science workshop, our task was to work out which factory was polluting the river and stop it. We used a Bunsen burner to boil some red cabbage. We then had to add the cabbage water to chemicals (acids and alkalis). We got the test wrong, but it was still very good fun!
Afterwards we had to make a strong tower to see how much water it could hold. Our tower couldn't hold any water, because it wasn't stable. It couldn't stand up, so we had to hold it straight but , again, it was still lots of fun trying.
Tia, Amy, Amelia. Suzanne and Jasmin Y5
Meridith M, Chloe D, Jay RS and myself, all Year 5’s, went to a maths workshop at Ullswater Community College at the beginning of July. We were joined by teams from Plumpton School and Kirkoswald School.
We were split into two groups, with Chloe and I together in group one, and Meridith and Jay in group two. We made paper kites, shaping them into stars with lines of symmetrical and rotational symmetry. Then we filled in a sheet about symmetry and rotational symmetry.  
Ellie D Y5