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U Dance Festival (March 2012)

This term Buttermere class have been working alongside Debbie, a dance teacher, on a piece based on our topic, the Titanic. We developed our dance over a few months and built in the children’s ideas. We were practicing to get ready to perform at the Sands Centre in Carlisle alongside 30 other Schools.

The performance was exciting and the stage was massive! Some of the children were scared, but we’d practiced a lot in the hall so we were ready for the challenge. The performance day was very long, we were at the Sands Centre all day watching other schools, practicing and even having our dinner there!

When the time came for our performance we were a bit nervous but we helped each other and we did it!! Lots of our parents came to watch, which was brilliant. We repeated our dance at school on the Titanic Sharing Day for any parents who couldn’t make it to the Sands Centre

Many thanks to Mrs Brooks for making our excellent costumes, we felt like real performers and they really added to our dance. The boys really enjoyed designing and making their own neck ties, using fabric inks on the designs.

Many thanks to parents and staff who supported us on the night, we felt really proud to stand on the stage and give it our best.

Declan D