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Tullie House - The Border Reivers (April 2011)

On 4th April, all of Year 5 and 6 visited Carlisle as part of our Border Reivers topic. We visited Carlisle Castle where we were told a story about how the Scottish and English fought over the borders and stole from each other. Then we were shown the dungeons where the prisoners were held. Up to 100 prisoners were thrown into a small room with no windows or toilets. Yuk! We saw the licking stone, which was a sandstone section of the dungeon which was porous and let water through it. It was worn down from the licking of the prisoners! We were shown a Border Reivers kitchen and we discussed what city life was like in those days. Some of the rules in the town included: no pigs allowed to wander the streets; the city gate to be locked at 9pm and no one allowed into the city after that time. We learnt a lot of facts about the Border Reivers from visiting the castle and this built onto our knowledge from school.
 To end the day, we visited Tullie House where we explored the many exhibitions. The Border Reivers exhibition included some costumes to try on, some original artifacts, coins, maps and a video of a Border Reivers battle. The others sections included Romans, wildlife and other periods of British history. All of the children in my group enjoyed trying on the costumes. A great time was had by all! Thanks to Mrs Clark for organising this memorable visit, along with Mr Soulsby, Miss Rollings and our much valued parent helpers.