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Transition Singers (March 2012)

On Saturday 24th March, we hosted the second Transition Singers day at Penrith’s Play Station. Participants in the November workshops were able to take the many skills they had learned to the spring workshops, benefiting the whole transition choir.  

The day was led by Jilly Jarman from BlueJam and Sarah Wallcook from Soundwave Cumbria, Mrs Bishop from UCC and Mr Soulsby.  Ten children from North Lakes took part in the day, which consisted of a range of workshops including; harmony, solo performance, improvisation, song writing and rhythm. After an intense day, the 30 strong group then performed a range of pieces which had all been taught and learnt on the day including a piece written by the children, Young Vocal Leaders and UCC.

An audience of family and friends gathered at the end of the day for a short performance and we were joined by children from Ullswater Community College, St Catherine’s RC, Stainton, Beaconside and Hayton schools.