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Transition Choir Summer Concert (July 2013)

On Wednesday 3rd July 2013, North Lakes Y5/6 Transition Choir went to perform with 12 other school choirs at the Summer Transition  concert at Penrith Leisure centre. There were over 200 children! Our practices were held at Ullswater Community college and were led by Jilly Jarman, Sarah Wallcook and the BlueJam Young Music Leaders. Katie Ind brought the new ensemble together - there were 50 of us from ten schools. Lots of us got to play our clarinets and flutes, as well as some playing guitars and percussion, playing specially written dramatic interludes from Kate Stilitz' and Jilly Jarman's Cantata - "Riversong". 


We also performed "The Witch is Dead' from Hansel and Gretel, plus specially composed pieces by local composers, including "Stay!" by Fiona Clayton. Fiona is a local songwriter winning a national reputation with her band - she performed with the choir too. A local Cumbrian artist, Sue Nelson, also sang with us to a funky version of her song "Singing the Bad Times Down", accompanied by the BlueJam House Band. There were more great newly-composed songs from BlueJam young songwriters. The show went very well and all the schools had a great time. Mr Soulsby had a vital role as he was a conductor. He also co-ordinates the choir and organized the whole show with Mrs Jarman. So I give all the organisers and all the teachers a massive thank you!


Transition Choir is a great opportunity for singers and musicians from any school in the area, and I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of it - I really hope that I can continue to take part next year.

Maddie K Y6

'Another stunning performance by NLS choir tonight at the Transition Concert. The children are an absolute credit to a wonderful school'
Mrs Jones, Governor

'A wonderful performance of Can You Hear My Voice from NLS choir in a sparkling summer concert. Warmest congratulations to everyone involved in the Transition Choir at this super event! You really shone!'
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