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Transition Choir & Ensemble (Spring 2014)

Back in March, our Y5&6 Transition Choir members took part in their largest Transition rehearsal yet! Over 400 children form over 23 schools packed into Penrith Leisure Centre for the second rehearsal of the North Cumbria Transition Choir and Ensemble.

It was a great opportunity to rehearse the songs and sing out the harmonies that Jilly Jarman had taught the choir back in school, and also a chance to meet new friends and make connections with children from other schools. Tricky rhythms were an ideal way of doing this, which wasn’t easy when you didn’t know the person you had to partner with! Many children have already forged links with some new friends who are going to the same secondary school as them next year!

Next term there will be two whole choir rehearsals on Wednesday 21st May and Wednesday 25th June before our showcase concert on Wednesday 2nd July - be sure to get a ticket as they will be in high demand this year with so many schools taking part!

"I enjoy going to Transition Choir because it is fun  meeting new people ready for going to secondary school and learning songs like 'Revolting Children' from Matilda" (Edward Y6)

“I love learning the new songs and getting to meet so many new people.
Some of them I met last year at transition choir and some this year. I’m looking forward to seeing more of them when I go to UCC'“ (Trey Y6)

As well the Choir rehearsal this term, the Transition Singers and ensemble also met in school, giving up their Saturday! The talent was immense! There were so many children taking risks, forging new relationships with others, being resourceful, not always playing the instruments of their choice, and they had a fantastic time working with BlueJam's Katie Ind and Jilly Jarman.

"Transition Singers and Instruments day is awesome, I learnt new notes on the flute and in
the afternoon we explored new parts and harmonies for Revolting Children - I loved it!"
(Ella Y6)