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Titanic Morning @ Cumbria Archive Centre (May 2012)

During this term we have visited the Carlisle Archives which was linked into our Titanic project. We looked at many old documents such as tickets for RMS Titanic or passports, or even what meals that were available on board! On the visit we looked at some documents and found out how the archive functions; for example, at the start when a document is donated, it has to pass through the archive’s version of quarantine. This is where any bugs or dirt are removed from the documents if they have been kept in a shed or something like that.
The best part of the visit for me was when we went into the vaults where none of the public are normally allowed to go. In the vaults we got to look at how the system works to catalogue all the different kinds of papers and documents that are at the archive.
By Jay R-S (Elterwater)

Titanic Archives (May 2012)