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Thinking Journals

We feel it important to involve our parent/carers in the philosophical dialogues of their children. Each fortnight, the children take home their thinking journals with a question (usually linked to our SEAL work) that we would like them to explore further at home.

The children’s journals are also a place where they can record their philosophy ideas in school. This journal is shared between home and school to build upon ideas. They may use their thinking journals to include anything they have found interesting such as an article or a picture and record their thoughts and opinions.
Below are samples from journals. And a quote from Sara Stanley, the author of ‘But Why?’ who gave us the inspiration to try thinking journals at North Lakes.
“I have been very impressed with North Lakes School’s use of thinking journals to give their pupils not just time to reflect on philosophical issues but to share this thinking at home within the family. The school and Arts coordinators have shown dedication in placing pupil voice at the heart of their practice in the Arts, offering the school community the chance to raise self esteem, peer relationships and community understanding. The journals allow the children and their families the opportunity to reflect upon their thoughts, ideas and questions about the world they live in creatively and independently. I am positive that this will have far reaching benefits for the children in their journey beyond the school gates”
Sara Stanley (P4C Educator and Author of “But Why?”)