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The NLS Parent Portal - Coming Soon (Apr 2017)

During the Summer Term we will be introducing the NLS Parent Portal on our Frog site.  You may have already visited our Frog site with your child and explored some of the exciting projects that they have been collaborating and contributing towards.


The new NLS Parent Portal will be a designated place where parents and carers will go to access our letters, update contact details, agree to internet use policy,  give consent for a visit and photographs, take part in survey, reply to letters and much more.


This new approach will help to reduce our paper and printing output and will ensure that we can update information quickly and effectively.  


During the Summer Term we will be trialling the parent portal with a small group of parents before issuing everyone with a link and login to access the site.


Anyone without internet access will still be able to complete forms manually, but if we hold an email address for you we will expect all of the forms to be submitted electronically. 


Mr Soulsby will be holding some support sessions for this.


by Mr Soulsby


Volunteer to trial Parent Portal

Please contact us below if you are willing to trial the Parent Portal