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The Lion King - Palace Theatre Manchester (Jan 2013)

In January, members of the Choir and Instrumentalists travelled to The Palace Theatre in Manchester to watch the hit Broadway Musical 'The Lion King'. This spectacular lavish production was enjoyed by everyone. Spectacular costumes, talented dancers and sensational singers were certainly inspiring our musicians and singers!
  • "The Lion King was absolutely great on Wednesday, the costumes were good, but the singers/actors were brilliant!" (Edward Y5)
  • "My favourite character was Rafiki the monkey, he was the funniest, there was the Warthog as well" (Tom Y6)
  • "I really enjoyed going to see the Lion King the best part was when the elephant came on it was really funny also the characters were really good. Had a great day!!" (Nathan Y5)
  • "The Lion King was amazing,the costumes where great and bright it must of been a long time to make them, I think the best ones were the Elephants, my favourite scene in the show was when Simba and Nala found each other and then won the battle and had a cute baby" (Chloe D Y5)

Our children once again flew the flag for NLS with excellent behaviour, with some children even helping someone who had a fall in the Grand Tier, we even received comments on our guestbook from members of the audience "We wanted you to know how wonderful and well behaved the children were and that they young girl who helped the older gentleman who tripped was so very kind and thoughtful. Whilst entering the theatre the were so well behaved and although excited they were so patient and well mannered too. A complete credit to you and your staff, their parents and most of all themselves for behaving so well" (Mrs Woods, Manchester)

A big thank you must go to all of our helpers on the day and the staff at the theatre we could do these visits without you. Here is a hint for our next visit!