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The Cupboard Under The Stairs Y5&6 Drama Review (July 13)

32 of our Children were invited to review a scene of a play at the Quandom Theatre on July 2nd - our host was Andy Booth. The play has been written by Kevin Dyer who won Best Children's Play of the year award in 2011. The director Stefan Escreet was there.

The piece contained themes from Key Stage 2 National Curriculum PSHE ‘Developing good relationships and respecting the differences between people’ and respecting other people’s feelings.
The cast were all professionals – Alison George for instance just completed a role in the National Theatre production of Swallows and Amazons last year.

Our children sat in groups of 3 to 4 afterwards with the actors, director and playwriter and they asked reflective questions on how to improve the play. The comments were all very constructive and our children made some very good points for example they suggested that the flyer should have human shadows on it which would appeal to a potential audience.

The cast and everyone associated with the play showed their appreciated and felt that the frank discussion had given them further purpose and direction. The next step is to apply to the arts council for funding.

Good luck to all associated with
Cupboard Under the Stairs!!