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Thankyou for our Welcome by Amber & Amy (Dec 2010)

We are very happy at North lakes School. It is so different to our old school which only had 54 pupils. At the start, we were really nervous about coming as we didn't belong here but, after just a week, we had made lots of friends it felt like we had been here forever. We have been really welcomed, we have already learned lots of new things and the school website is great. We have never done any works on the Ancient Greeks before so we enjoyed that.
Bolton was our old village school and, although we miss it sometimes, this is a new start and we can make lots of new friends ready for our secondary school. Miss Rollings is a brilliant teacher. She is very nice natured and all our family really agree with that. Homework has been enjoyable, it helps extend our learning and gets us ready for secondary school. There are lots of clubs here. Between us, we enjoy netball and Art and we will be attending clubs in the spring term.
We are really looking forward to the Liverpool trip next term! Our Aunty Jayne is from Liverpool, so she might give us some tips. We wish everyone a Happy Christmas and a fabulous New Year! By the way - it is great to live in town again!
Amber and Amy C, Y5 and Y6