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Tatton Old Hall Tudor Day - (Oct 2011)

We have been working on the Tudors learning about Tudor feasts, Tudor royalty, explorers and more. In Literacy we wrote Tudor letters, one about Tudor Christmas another about the Armada. The part I enjoyed the most was making the Tudor ships, because I like painting.
We also visited Tatton Park in Cheshire and dressed up like Tudors. We weren’t in 2011 for long. Once we got there, we travelled back in time to May 15th 1536! We pretended we had been kicked out of a monastery at Norton Priory and the head monk had sent us there.  
We have learned many interesting facts about the Tudors: The Spanish Armada, Henry VIII, Henry VIII’s wives, Queen Elizabeth, Sir Francis Drake’s circumnavigation of the globe, Tudor life and much more! We gained some of our Tudor knowledge at Tatton Park, an amazing place where we were able to be Tudors for the day!
We learned about Tudor farming, wars and types of materials they used. Arran and Adam made Tudor ships with members of the class every other afternoon. They really are looking great and very realistic.
Indie P and Ellie D Y6

Tatton Park (Oct 2011)