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Swimming (Autumn 2011)

Each Wednesday, we walk to the Leisure Centre in our Y5/6 Maths groups to go swimming. We have three groups who use the shallow, middle and the deep end.
In the deep end, Paul teaches us how to improve on basic strokes and start to use more complex ones.
In the middle group the teacher helps us improve our techniques so that we can then swim in the deep end.
In the shallow end, Miss Rollings and Mr Soulsby help with floating and basic swimming skills.
Also we have the learner pool in which Mrs Sewell and Mrs Greenwood teach four children to swim. Mrs Greenwood’s little boy, Robbie, goes along to inspire everyone with confidence. This has been really successful and Tia can now swim properly! She has been very resilient, a superstar, and has been given a certificate!  

Indie P Y6