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Summer Fair (July 2011)

On Thursday night, 5th July, it was the Summer Fair and it was packed. There was lots to do - Coconut Shy, Hook A Duck, Penny Toss, Blow Up Slide, Netball, an ice cream stall, refreshments, raffles, stalls and much, much more. Keswick Climbing Wall brought a portable wall with them, which everyone really enjoyed.
My sister and I went on the climbing wall, I was wearing slip on shoes and one almost fell off, Chloe got half way then couldn’t reach the part that you put your hands on to climb up, because she is too short. We also did other things like having a go on the Tombola. I won a jam jar with jewellery in it and Chloe won one with sweets in. In the big raffle, I won a beauty set and a mug with hot chocolate mix in it and Chloe won a huge Hama beads set with 6000 beads! We were so lucky!
Thank you to all the parents, helpers and staff for all their hard work in making the fair such a success.
 Lauren O Y6