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Storytelling Workshop (July 2014)

What a fantastic day - fun in the forest at Scratchmere Scar. We were all given forest fairy names; Mackenzie was Fin Huckleberry and Ollie was Sprig Mallard! In the morning we prepared for the Fairy King's 1008th Birthday by creating presents. We made a football rattle from twigs, feathers, branches and acorns - and we decorated the area and made necklaces and crowns for our party outfits. We certainly had to use our imaginations!

Then we had to make up a story to tell the Fairy King. We made up a story about the Flutterball cup (a World Cup in Fairy Land). In the afternoon we had cakes and performed our stories for the Fairy King. It was fun to explore the forest for the day. Thank you Mrs Rainsley and Mrs Clark for organising it.