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Stimulus - Monkey Symphony

Monkey symphony

In a musical family two brothers are separated by musical differences. At the beginning of the film we see a talented chimpanzee playing the piano wearing his overalls, he seems to be a cleaner with a hidden talent. As he leaves the stage we see the maestro enter. The two chimps share a look. This look leads to a flashback and we see these two chimps as young boys having a piano lesson in a 'Parisien' apartment with a strict Madame. One boy sticks to the rules and plays classically, resisting the urge to have fun and 'funk' it up whilst the other is reprimanded and forced to leave.
Back in the present we see both Chimps on stage. One behind the curtain and the other in front. Their practise session becomes duelling pianos. The Madame tries her best to stop them playing in the modern style, while a friendly gorilla ensures that they enjoy themselves. They bond over the music, the Madame leaves and the chimpanzees rekindle their friendship over a grand piano. CREDIT: The Literacy Shed