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Stimulus - LOTERIA DE NAVIDAD - The Christmas Lottery (Nov 2015)

The Christmas Lottery

Every night at 10pm Justino gets ready for work. Its cold outside so he pulls on his hat, scarf and gloves and travels on the bus to start his job as a warehouse security guard in the mannequin factory.

The nights are long and lonely, to keep himself amused Justino 'makes friends' with the mannequins. He begins to leave them in amusing positions for his colleagues to discover when they return to work in the morning.  

As the weeks go by Justino's mannequins become very popular, even the cleaner begins to enjoy them - meanwhile, his coworkers have begun to sign up for a lottery syndicate. Sadly Justino missed the signing in sheet.

He finds out the news of his colleagues windfall on his way to work on the bus, resigned to his fate, that he will be a security guard forever!  Or will he?