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Step it up for Sport Relief! (Mar 2018)

All pupils at North Lakes School participated in the nation’s favourite sports day on Friday 23rd  March raising funds and awareness throughout school - we all donned our red sporting outfits for the day. During a special assembly, children were introduced to issues and shared some of the real life decisions and challenging conditions young people have to experience - some quite shocking!


Children were encouraged to run at least a mile showing their support for this worthwhile cause!  The choir also went to Sainsbury’s and entertained shoppers - they even managed to get shoppers dancing in the aisles too! You all raised £106.24 – a big well done as we know from watching the Sports Relief TV on Friday night just how much a small amount can make such a difference.


So whether you ran a mile, danced in style, limboed forward or hoola hoola’d  for the longest time, you did your bit!   Well done North Lakes - yet again you have helped make a difference.                                                                                     

By Mrs Greenwood