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Spring 2012 Update

Many thanks to all the children and their families who completed the holiday homework during the Christmas break. Everyone kindly worked on their letter for a child at our sister school in Tanzania. 

We sent out well over a hundred individual letters in January to many pupils at Uru School, sharing details of our hobbies and different lifestyles here in Penrith. I know all the letters were gratefully received and they will be cherished by the children in the village.

Just this week, our school friend Mrs Judy Rimmer has returned from a 7 week visit to Uru and has brought some replies to North Lakes School. I promise to sort these letters and distribute them by the end of term. I know lots of pupils were excited when I showed the packages in assembly this week. Please remember, everyone may not have an individual reply this time round. If children want to reply then please do so and pass them back to Mrs Greenwood ready for the next visit in the Summer. I will remind everyone nearer the time. 

Mr Shayo and staff send warm greetings to all and ask that this be passed on to families too. They thank us once more for our help and support with the recent electricity project. The latest pictures of the installation of the cables are shown on our school Moodle site which can be accessed from home. They show each stage of the development, with just one worker and the pupils labouring the majority of the time!

Our link continues to thrive and Mr Pincombe and I have some future plans to invite Mr Shayo and another teacher to England next year. 
Mrs Greenwood