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Songwriting Club (Spring 2014)

The Songwriting Club in collaboration with St Catherine’s School is going brilliantly. Pupils are experimenting with lots of different instruments – we’ve worked with a cello, violin, samba drum, percussion, keyboards, guitars, voices, etc. – and have been coming up with some incredible music! At the end of each session we all give some feedback about our work and what we think of other people’s music.


Everyone is really supportive of what everyone else is doing and have outlined their own aims and challenges, for instance: ‘I want to work more with my voice next week’, or ‘I want to improve on the piano’, and ‘I’m really happy with how our song went and how our group worked’, and ‘I like the way that you spoke the poem instead of singing, it worked really well’.

We hope that Songwriting Club will continue and expand after Easter!