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Serving up a Healthy Treat with Hadrian Organics (Nov 13)

During the week of 18 November, we were very pleased to set up a tasty link with Hadrian Organics, who provide delicious, healthy food grown in the Brampton/ Carlisle area. This was Cumbria’s first organic co-operative, and includes The Croft farm in Houghton, which was visited by Years 3 and 4 in the Spring term.

The children are enjoying their healthy, home cooked school meals from Orian solutions, and on this particular week, the fresh ingredients came directly from local organic producers. Beef came from The Croft (from Longhorn cattle which graze at Thacka Beck), cheese came from Slack House Farm on Hadrian’s Wall, and fruit from Eva’s Organics. 

In assemblies the children learned more about organic farming and the journey of their food from farm to plate. At lunchtime Fiona served local organic beef burgers, Cumbrian cheese pie, organic lasagne, and traditional roast beef, with puddings prepared with Hadrian Organic fruit.

The children said they could taste the difference, and while the cheese was “a bit strong”, the majority of children really enjoyed the flavours and textures of the organic produce, at the same time learning a little more about the importance of good food and low food miles.