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Science is an exciting and dynamic subject and we aim to reflect this in its teaching. Through discussion, observation and practical activities, we seek to build on children’s existing scientific ideas and thinking, giving them a clear understanding of basic scientific phenomena. Scientific skills such as measuring, observing, recording, questioning and explaining are developed through a range of practical tasks related, whenever possible, to the everyday world.

Computing equipment is used extensively in this subject to record and interpret data. Children extend their knowledge and understanding of phenomena associated with plants and animals, materials and physical processes, such as light and sound. They use skills developed in English and Maths to present and communicate their ideas and feelings.

Throughout our Science teaching in the school, we would expect the children to enjoy themselves, show curiosity, perseverance, self -discipline and ingenuity. Children also use what they have learned through BLP to aid them in their learning.  During the initial stages of an investigation, they use their planning skills and noticing muscle to build on previous knowledge.  They use their collaboration skills during investigations, ensuring they work together and take advantage of each individual’s strengths.   Other skills put into practise and strengthened during Science are the reasoning, questioning and making links skills.  They are taught to develop respect for the environment and to be aware of their own health and safety.

Subject Leaders: Miss L Johnston & Mrs S Parkinson
Updated Sept 2017