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School Uniform

The aim of our School Uniform Policy (below) is to ensure that all pupils are smart, tidy and ready to learn. If our pupils have a positive attitude to their learning, they will make better progress, and school uniform helps with this as a sign of belonging and a visual expression of our standards. Sports or fashion gear is not allowed. We expect that pupils will follow our guidelines for the clothing which they wear on the way to and from, as well as in school.

See the full Policy below for details of items which are required or optional, and for prices at the time of writing.


Pupils attending North Lakes School will need:-

  • A purple North Lakes School sweatshirt and a white North Lakes School polo-shirt, or plain white polo shirt.
  • A purple North Lakes fleece: a cardigan is also available in summer.
  • For PE, children need a white t-shirt and plain black shorts.
  • The two local suppliers of our specific uniform are Lakeland Embroidery and Sam Scott’s, Penrith.
  • Some good quality "pre-loved" stock is also available on request in school.


We ask that children wear black or grey plain trousers, tailored shorts or leggings, or a black or grey skirt of reasonable length. In the summer, purple gingham dresses may be worn.  No very short skirts, and no jeans, please. Designer logos, wording or patterns are not acceptable. Children should wear plain, all black trainers, or low heeled black shoes, in, and to and from school.


Each child will need a designated P.E. kit and this includes: black shorts, a white t-shirt, and black trainers. A plain dark tracksuit is recommended for outdoor PE in colder weather.


Jewellery, other than standard watches, should not be worn. Nail varnish, acrylic nails, and extreme haircuts including mohican/mohawks and tramlines are not allowed.  Children with pierced ears should only wear studs to school, and these must be removed by the child for PE, Games and Swimming. Long hair needs to be tied back securely for these activities.  Thank you.


We ask that all school clothing, including outdoor clothing and P.E. kit, be very clearly labelled with your child’s name.


Parents who choose to send their child to North Lakes School and sign the Home School Agreement are accepting the school’s clothing policy.


Your co-operation in this matter is very much appreciated.


Equipment in School

All stationery is provided by school - no pencil cases or stationery are needed from home please.  A PE bag is provided by the Parents’ Support Group and a school book bag is required, which may be purchased from school. No toys or collector cards should be brought into school.  Thank you!


Updated June 2023

North Lakes School Uniform Policy