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Sainsbury's Cooking Demonstration with Cathy Burns (Nov 2011)

A great night was had at the Sainsbury’s Cookery Demonstration with Sainsbury’s ‘Try Team’ cook Cathy Burns, assisted by Becky from the Penrith store we raised £120!
‘What an enjoyable evening at the 'Sainsbury's Cooking Demonstration' at North Lakes school. Cathy made the preparation and cooking look effortless, assisted by lots of pre-packed food to ease the hassle. It was lovely to be able to taste the delicious recipes and also to take away copies to have a 'go' at home. The event was well attended. Well done to all the staff!’
                                                            Mrs Jones
‘The Cookery Demonstration was a Magic way to end the week. The school staff made everyone very welcome and the Sainsbury's cook soon had everyone at ease and attentive. There was plenty to share and I feel really encouraged to try new recipes at home. Well worth the effort! Thank you’    
                                                                                      Mrs Rainsley
‘Excellent evening at the cookery demonstration! If you weren't there you missed a very good night. Good job done by the staff and supporters who worked hard to keep the audience plied with all the goodies that the Sainsbury cook produced. Practical recipes that weren't full of too many expensive ingredients. I think most people will have a go at some of the recipes. Well done!’
                                                                             A school supporter
‘Tonight’s cookery demonstration was really inspiring. The lady made it all look really easy and the food was tasty. I will definitely be trying some of the recipes especially the pear and stilton starter and the chocolate 'to die' for pud’
                                                                                       Mrs Osolinski