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RYD Christmas Update (Dec 2021)

Rydal Water have had an action-packed Autumn Term.  We have really enjoyed the Cogheart adventures and have been hooked every week whilst reading it.  We were so inspired by the novel that we designed our own computer games in Scratch during Computing.


We have continued our interest in Climate Change and have followed COP26, researching many important issues.  We have explored the issues in Philosophy and developed our writing stamina by exploring discussion texts and formal  letters – we have even written to leaders (including the Prime Minister) about our concerns.  As a class we have worked hard on our handwriting and presentation – we are really proud of our improvements!


We have been gripped during our history project with Ms Rollings; learning about the Victorians, railways and their impact on Penrith.  We loved the talk by our visitor, Mr Tweddle, and have been busy creating cards for Penrith Railway Station’s 175th Birthday.


Swimming has been a highlight of the term and we have loved to be back in the pool – every session, everyone was wearing a beaming smile!  We have also enjoyed working with our sports coach, Mr Hart and are striving  towards our 100 Mile Challenge!


Science has been exciting with spooky yeast investigations identifying Micro-organisms – this has also helped with our understating of Coronavirus too!  We are a creative bunch in Rydal – we have explored the artist William Morris and have designed Wall Paper.  In Music we have used song to express our feelings about Climate Change and have started to learn to play a wood wind instrument with Mrs Tuffin.  In the run up to Christmas we have been reunited with the Boom Whackers and have focused on performance and listening skills.


Rydal Water are becoming experts with their iPads – using them to access lesson tools for our learning, develop our number fluency and save paper using more electronic copies of resources.  We have been working really hard to develop our home learning through Frog. Each week our homework is sent to us via this and we are really developing our stamina and planning out our time; We are working hard to improve our Spelling, Reading and times tables through this. Over the Christmas break we have a ’12 days of Christmas’ time line challenge where we will post pictures of things we are doing and interact with each other!


We have some SENSATIONAL Times Table Rock Stars who have been working very hard to develop their multiplication skills this term by regularly looking at their heatmaps and consequently improving their personal Rock Star Status – visit our class time line each week to see Rock Star Status updates. We have never had so many Rock Heroes in one class!


A big thank you to all of the adults we work with in school and especially our parents and carers.  We look forward to seeing everyone again in January, STAY SAFE and have a lovely Christmas!