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Running in the Nationals (Mar 2017)

On Saturday the 25th of March 2017 I ran the biggest race in my life at Prestwood Hall (near Leicester). The course will be used by the GB athletes at the world cross country trials next week. It was a wonderful day, because the sun was shining brightly and there was a fantastic atmosphere – everyone could feel the excitement.


We had to be there for 10.30 so I could meet the rest of Team Cumbria. We first went for a recce of the course, checking out where the difficult terrain was, so I could plan my best route for the race.

My race was at 13.30, when I was running in the Year 6 boys race, with 250 runners from 40 different counties taking part. As the start of the race got nearer I felt excited but nervous, nervous because I have never had so many people watching me in my life.


All 250 boys lined up ready to start the race, and as I looked down the start line I felt more anxious than ever, but ready to run. The marshal starting the race had the loudest starting gun in the world! As he shot the gun I had to try and get to the front to get the best place possible, but suddenly I felt something clip the back of my shoe, and I fell down. As all the runners passed me, I had to use a great amount of perseverance to get back up and carry on.


I tried to get back with the pace makers, but there were so many people in my way that I couldn’t catch up. The race went faster than a cheetah at full pace! I finished in a respectable 35th place and I was the first over the finish line in Team Cumbria.


by Thomas R, Y6