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Romeo & Juliet Hits Penrith - Y6 Deekabout with Fitz (2010)

Romeo and Juliet Hits Penrith!
Excited North Lakes children worked with creative practitioner Fitz, over four days in early march. He is a talented musician and assisted the the students in developing a photographic scene from Romeo and Juliet, furthermore the scenes were taken within Penrith , from the Beacon to the Castle!! Finally sound was added by each team of 5 children, the final product was a sound scape!!
Arriving at the Beacon at nine thirty in the morning, the children began improvising their dramatic scenes in groups! Independently using the easi-speak for sound and cameras for collecting images, the students began collating the imagery they were intending to add to their sound scapes.
Walking through town, photographs were taken in various locations: the town hall, alley ways and the castle. Scenes were re-enacted for example the bridge over the moat of the castle became the balcony and Romeo delivered his famous line, (the old romantic!!) The boys had to be persuaded to take on that part!! Returning to school students worked with Fitz downloading their cameras for the next days work!!
Within their groups the members selected a sequence of photographs and added music from a variety of sources. The end product was a sound scape.
Summarising the day, the students concluded that they had used a multitude of skills, they particularly made reference to the 5 Rs, risk taking, resourcefulness, resilience, reflectiveness and relationships…….