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River Deep! Eden Rivers Trust (April 2014)

As part of our topic 'River Deep, Mountain High' this term, we had a visit from Becky Helm from Eden Rivers Trust in school. She taught us all about the journey of the river Eden, from source to mouth. The following week, she also led a visit to the River Eamont, just behind Rheged, at Stainton Island. 

We were lucky with the weather and spent half a day carrying out four different investigations. We measured the flow of the river, completed some river dipping, drew a technical sketch and carried out a pollution survey.

One of our favourite activities was the river dipping, many groups managed to catch fresh water shrimps, Bullheads (fish) and minnows. Many thanks to the adults who helped us out and for Becky, whose expert knowledge taught us a lot about the river environment. Visit our class pages to explore some of our other findings!