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Relationships & Health Education

All primary schools in England must teach Relationships and Health Education (RSHE). The government has set out guidance about what they expect children to know by the time they leave primary education. North Lakes School have chosen to use lesson plans and resources from “Kapow Primary”, “ClickView” and “Google Internet Legends.”  These lessons cover the national statutory requirements and have been carefully planned to be age appropriate and are divided up into three overarching themes: Families and relationships; Health and wellbeing; Safety and the changing body.


The lessons will give children the opportunity to increase their knowledge and understanding of the topic. They will also be able to explore their feelings and ideas about topics and listen to the views of other people. The overall aim is for children to learn to be able to make their own informed choices and decisions.


The teacher manages these activities along with learning activities from the Thrive Approach in order to develop and nurture each child’s awareness and self esteem.


Subject Leader: Mr M Soulsby


Updated Nov 2021