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Read For My School (March 2016)

A host of fabulous e-books have been available to read online this term. Every pupil has been able to log on and access a huge variety of exciting texts.


North Lakes children have joined over 200,000 children around the country and taken part in England’s biggest school reading competition that provides:

· A free online library of over 100 titles by top children’s authors!

· The chance to win a Reading Legend award and a tower of books!

· The chance to help our school win a £1,000 prize!


During Read for My School, each class has timetabled opportunities to use the iPads and lap tops while the e-books have been accessed at home on a variety of devices.


So this year have you become…

  • a Reading Explorer - Using Read for My School as a chance to read new types of books by new authors?
  • a Reading Pioneer - Encouraging others to read by talking about books, or doing a piece of work on your favourite book to be displayed at school?
  • a Reading Voyager - Showing your teacher you've learned to love reading for pleasure?
  • a Reading Conqueror - Showing your teacher that you have read more than you would normally during Read for My School?


So far the average number of books read by North Lakes School is 6.9 books - that’s over 1200 books being read online since January!


Children reading more than 20 books so far are; Ben E (42),  Katie G (35),  Laya H (34), Ellis P (31),  Katie W (29), Sonny A (28), Callum B (27), Mollie H (26), Josh K (25), Ben S (25), Joshua J (24), Leah S (24), Jasmine B (23), Connor H (23), Amy Coward (22), Chloe P (22), Charlie F (21) and Matt A (21) 


What a fantastic achievement!