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Poetry Club (Autumn 2013)

The poetry club began with North Lakes children working alongside St Catherine’s. A fabulous Monday session began in Wordsworth Bookshop where Jon and Andrea had poetry books galore waiting for us!! We explored the poetry books, the shop and finished the session by reading poetry, getting to know our new friends from St Catherine’s and drinking the most delicious hot chocolate ever!


At school over the past few weeks our poetry club have been writing ‘Bookshop’ poems. We have explored the senses and written about what we saw, felt, smelt, touched and tasted at Wordsworth Bookshop. We have printed off our poems and taken them to Wordsworth Bookshop, many customers and visitors from far and wide will share our writing.


Last week we were invited by Jon and Andrea along with St Catherine’s to participate in a session led by the Wordsworth Trust from Dove Cottage in Ambleside. What a fabulous time we had. We made Christmas corsages that Dorothy and William Wordsworth might have worn, pomanders that would have sat on their Christmas tables and then we wrote Christmas Haiku poetry. The session finished with a Hot Chocolate and a Christmas biscuit.


Thanks Andrea, Jon and the Wordsworth Trust. FABULOUS!!!!