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Poet in Residence - Poet from the Peaks Andy Tooze (Sept 2017)

Early in the autumn term we were excited to welcome Andy Tooze, the children’s “Poet from the Peaks”, for two days of poetry workshops. Each class enjoyed a dynamic, interactive session with Andy, including speaking, listening, reading, writing and drama. Andy read some of his poems and modelled ideas about their stimulus, form and content. Importantly, he inspired the children with his enthusiasm and sense of fun. We enjoyed a great celebration assembly with parents at the end of his visit, where children shared some of their creations. Thank you, Andy for the valuable boost you gave us in our writing, and for helping to enable us all to write some fun poetry.


Andy said that he felt very privileged to be a part of North Lakes for a couple of days, writing: “I found North Lakes school to be an inspiring place to visit. There was a palpable and very beautiful sense of community which all the adults and children felt they truly belonged to.”


Thanks Andy - and we hope to see you again soon!


20 Words About Bess

(from The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes)

I hear the cries of darkness

Help me!

Hurry, my true love, I might die.

My heart cries for you.

By Alexander , Y5



Stomach, what have you done?

Too late now, the crime is done.

Oh no, this is no fun,

I need to go tell my mum.

I feel like my belly will burst,

Now it’s getting even worse.

I can’t go now, I need to go to the toilet first,

I can’t wait any more –


Sick on the floor.

By James, Y6


20 Words about Emojis

Emojis, emojis,

What do they do?

Emojis, emojis,

They text you.

Emojis, emojis,

There’s happy and sad,

Emojis, emojis,


By Denny, Y5