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Phunky Food Workshops (Mar 2022)

All the shadow school councillors joined a workshop organised by Phunky foods, to think about the food we eat and what is healthy and what is not. There was a lot of discussion about all sorts of foods and one of the pupils asked “Why are some of the yummiest foods bad for us?”  We decided that foods like chocolate, crisps, coke and ketchup all contain too much sugar, fat and salt, and we need to be careful about how much and how often we eat these items. We found out that we can look on the packaging of lots of foods for labels that look like traffic lights, and this will help us discover if a food is healthy or not.  


Lots of ideas for healthy snacks were suggested, so rather than raiding the biscuit tin when you arrive home, maybe think about trying one of the following instead:

Tuna sandwich (brown bead) an apple, a banana, a yoghurt, a carrot, a small salad. 


It’s also important to watch what we drink, as we need to take care of our teeth. So be careful not to drink too much fizzy pop and fruit juice. Water and milk are great alternatives!  Remember- healthy foods mean healthy lives!