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Parent Partnership

Parents are the children’s first and lifelong educators and we believe that the support of each child’s learning is a partnership between home and school. Parents are encouraged to come into school and to get to know their child’s class teacher. If parents would like to support the children’s learning in school, or have a talent or skill to share, they are encouraged to contact their child’s class teacher. For safeguarding reasons we ask for DBS clearance for all adult helpers, and parents may also be asked to sign an agreement of confidentiality if helping regularly in the classroom.


We welcome parents and carers to join special themed events and assemblies in school to celebrate our children’s learning. Our ‘Friends of North Lakes School Group’ exist to support our children, raise funds and provide social events for our school community - please join us!


Anyone wishing to discuss their child’s learning, or with any concerns at all, is encouraged to contact their class teacher in the first instance, and is welcome to make an appointment for a mutually convenient time.


We have a dedicated online Parent Portal on our FROG site where parents can access letters, share achievements, find important documents, contribute to forums, update details and celebrate achievements.


Parents are encouraged to follow our social media on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Vimeo


July 2023