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Our Mobile Library Visit (March 2013)

On Tuesday 19th March the library van visited our school. We love it! We all go on and exchange our books, browsing and enjoying the fantastic books available to us. The library van man Mr Anderson, loves a challenge, he can find a book for everyone. He asks us all about our reading and takes a real interest in us.

He loves to read himself and we think he reads every new book on the van. A challenge is what he really loves, his eyes light up when we ask... " Do you have a book on....?" He rubs his chin, his eyes glisten and he usually puts his hand straight on an appropriate genre and title.

Matthew (Year 6) ' I really like David Walliams books, so I got 'Billionaire Boy.'

Tom B (Year 5) ' I got a Viking book. I am a history fanatic!'

Annie (Year 6) ' I choose Flood and Fang.. by Marcus Sedgwick- it just stood out. The front cover was very appealing.'

Ben V (Year 5) ' I choose a traditional/historical genre... David Copperfield by Charles Dickens. The front cover drew me in.'

Devonne ( Year 6) ' Happy Ever After' by Tony Bradman. I read the blurb, it looks fabulous.'

So our whole school we have a fabulous week reading our new mobile library books.